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Go Green For Good

Whether you’re driving a car or using a computer, our actions throughout the day release damaging carbon dioxide. When you buy carbon credits with MintZero, you’re offsetting your emissions by funding verified and certified eco-projects that remove carbon from the environment.

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Restore and Grow in Papua New Guinea

Conserve endangered tropical rainforests in Papua New Guinea and drive economic growth, and social transformation for its people.


Our Shared Vision

MintZero is aiming to offsetting over 250,000 tonnes of carbon emissions by the end of 2023 - the equivalent of over 578,000 barrels of oil consumed. Source

We project we will reach the 1 million tonnes mark by the end of 2024. With the support of business leaders like you, we can all make that possible.

2023 Goals

Reaching 1,000,000 people and educating them about the dangers of carbon emissions

Fund 25 of the best carbon offseting projects

Help 500 companies become carbon neutral

MintZero Road Map

Day Zero

Soft launch of MintZero's carbon credit solutions to a select beta group, partners,
and contributors.

The First Public Sale

Public sale of MintZero Carbon Credit Certifications

Delivered First Certifications

Carbon Credit plan holders began receiving their certifications.

Green Portal 

MintZero members received access to their personalized portal and unique features.

Member  Directory

True to our commitment to transparency, members were displayed in MintZero’s directory alongside their carbon history.

New Features

We are adding new exclusive features and content to MintZero member's portal

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