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Capitalize on the benefits of carbon credits to


Bring Balance To Your Business

MintZero helps businesses go carbon neutral in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Calculate your emissions

Step 2

Customize your offset plan

Step 3

Track your journey to carbon neutrality

It’s Easy To Be Green

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MintZero makes it simple and transparent to offset your business’ carbon emissions.

We know that going green isn’t always easy. There’s only so much you can reduce as a business - but you can offset the rest. That’s why MintZero provides easy to buy carbon credits that offset your emissions through trusted projects and partners.

Our rigorous project selection means your carbon credits support only the best carbon offset projects that are beneficial to both the planet and local communitlearn more

Connect with Us

We understand that you want to learn more about our services as soon as possible. That's why we offer same-day free consultations with no required commitment or obligation. We want to answer all your questions before you make any decisions. Reserve your preferred time slot by booking below.

Get Credit For Carbon Credits

All MintZero carbon credit purchases include personalized marketing material that you can display physically or digitally. Including the MintZero Carbon Neutral Badge, a downloadable certification, and press release templates


Sustainability Rockstars

Leading companies in the digital space that have calculated their carbon footprint, reduced where possible, and purchased equivalent carbon credit offsets are designated as a “Carbon Neutral Company x MintZero”. From startups to growing companies, the carbon neutrality movement is growing fast. Meet a few of its leaders. 

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