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1.    Are all carbon credits the same?

Each verified carbon credit offsets the same amount (1 ton of carbon) of emissions from the atmosphere. Where they’re different is how the carbon is removed. Carbon credits fund different projects and the pricing varies between projects, mainly driven by supply and demand.

2.    Can I choose which project my carbon credits fund?

We employ a rigorous project selection process to ensure your carbon credits support effective and transparent carbon offset projects. While you can’t currently choose which specific projects your carbon credits go to, we’re working on it. In a future stage, MintZero will let you decide which project to invest in.

3.    What does it mean to “burn” or “retire” a carbon credit?

Buying carbon credits gives you the ability to offset your emissions. “Burning”/”Retiring” them means you’re actually using them to offset your emissions and claiming it for its environmental benefit. Kind of like planting the seeds you bought.

Then that carbon offset is permanently taken out of circulation and can no longer be traded or sold to anyone else. Whenever a credit is used and emissions are offset, it’s important that the carbon credits are actually burned so that they can’t be used again and you can claim its environmental benefit.

4.    Can I sell my unused carbon credits?

Yes. Tokenized carbon credits allows you to hold, or sell your unused credits, while simultaneously giving you access to an unlimited amount of potential buyers.

5.    Aren’t blockchains energy intensive databases?

Even though proof-of-work based blockchains are energy intensive, MintZero transactions are validated by Ethereum proof-of-stake network which reduces energy consumption by over 99% 

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