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Discover Your Carbon Footprint

Tap into our footprint calculator to calculate your business carbon emissions and take a step towards a greener future

In what country is your business headquarter located?

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What industry best describes your business?

How many employees does your business have?

What is the total square footage of your business office(s)? (sq/ft)

What is the average electricity bill of your business office(s)? (USD)

You have left some field(s) empty on the office tab. Please fill all the fields.
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Yearly Offset Value : $ 187


Based on the country selected for your office, the calculator is assuming the following:

What is your business electricity cost? (USD per kWh)

What is the average mpg of your employees' vehicles?

What percentage of your employees use a personal vehicle as the main method of transportation?

How many days a week does the average employee goes to the office?

*Change these assumptions if they differ from your specific situation 

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