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The Green Business Club

Discover the businesses committed to going carbon neutral with MintZero
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True Transparency

Each member’s carbon credit history and activity is available in MintZero’s public directory.
Find out:
Carbon credit details and inventory
Tons of emission they've offset
Projects supported

MintZero Members

Alma SF
Lifetime credits acquired:
Lifetime credit retired:
To claim the benefits of carbon offsets the credits must be retired (or taken off the market forever) so it never gets traded again. Retiring an offset means it's claimed against an individual or organization's carbon footprint. 1 credit retired = 1 ton of carbon emissions offsetted
Current credit inventory :
Project(s) Supported:
Member since :
Jul 2022
Neutrality expiration :
Jul 2032

MintZero Statistics

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Total projects supported : 2

Lifetime credits acquired : 55,000

Lifetime credit sold : 4,290

Current inventory : 10,710

Credit under contract : 40,000

Credits under contracts are carbon credits already bought by MintZero but they have not yet been delivered

*As of January 19, 2023

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