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Demand for firewood, most of which is unsustainably produced, is driving devastating levels of deforestation in Uganda. Much of the firewood is used as cooking fuel.


Enter the “Uganda Biomass Cookstove Project.” UpEnergy’s Uganda Biomass Cookstove Project brings energy saving stoves to communities throughout Uganda. Efficient biomass stoves mean that trees aren’t cut down for cooking fuel - so stove users can save the forests and save an average of 9% of their annual income.

UpEnergy uses carbon financing to fight climate change and poverty while protecting local environments. Since 2010, they have built innovative, reliable, and scalable emissions reduction projects.


Through its carbon-financed smart distribution platform, UpEnergy directly leverages the support of carbon-buyer partners like MintZero to improve the livelihoods of low-income families and reduce their carbon footprint. The products they sell save energy, protect forests, fight poverty, and improve health outcomes.



Affiliated Since : May 2022

Lifetime credits acquired : 15,000

Lifetime credits sold : 4,290

Current credit inventory : 12,710

Credits under contracts are carbon credits already bought by MintZero but they have not yet been delivered

Credits under contract : 0

*As of January 19, 20223


*Real images from UpEnergy Projects

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